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    Welcome To The Air Quality Company

    Liftair Airconditioning

    Liftair Airconditiong is a supplier and installer of the finest Indoor Air Quality Products to the South African market. We have provided our products and services for the past 20-years. As such, we have ensured that our team is filled with experts in the field.

    Our guarantee is that every indoor air quality product we supply will enhance your space. Furthermore we specialise in green environmentally friendly products such as Breezair evaporative cooling and the original wind driven Whirlybird ventilator. These products are designed specifically for cost effective and low operating costs.

    We also supply and install a wide range of mechanical ventilation fans for all ventilation applications. Moreover, we can provide you with a range of refrigerative air conditioners from Jetair to Samsung for most applications. This includes flexible ducting, rigid ducting and ceiling diffusers.

    Liftair Airconditioning services and repairs all our own products as well as other branded units. You can rest assured knowing that you can purchase any indoor air quality product and have it repaired all from one company.

    On top of this, the affordability of the products ensures that you receive the highest quality items with low-cost maintenance services included.

    Our high quality products are all backed by the best warranties. This has allowed us to provide the best service possible. We are proud to state that it has lead to many satisfied customers.

    Liftair Solutions provides cost effective alternatives at competitive prices. We also supply and install the correct parts for your systems at economical rates.

    Service / Repairs / Spares

    Liftair Airconditioners services all units supplied by us on a seasonal basis. We found that by assuring our customers that we value them through after sales service that our relationship has grown stronger.

    Our specialties span across a wide range of indoor air quality products. We also service all other makes of evaporative coolers.

    We offer service contracts for ease of mind so that you don’t have to worry about when to service your units.

    Browse through our list of products and feel free to contact us for more information.


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